Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

There are several advantages of using Facebook.  It’s a good way to keep in touch with your friends and keep in contact with distant family.  Many people use it for recreation and a form of entertainment.  If used correctly Facebook can be an enjoyable resource to share with your friends.

There are few disadvantages of using Facebook.  “The good the bad and the ugly” in most cases when you log into your Facebook account there’s going to be negative posts on your newsfeed.  It comes with everyone’s Facebook account and there’s not much control over it but that’s one negative thing you could say about Facebook.  Another is Facebook bullies.  Some people feel the security behind their computer screen and say things they may not usually say in person.  In some cases people’s Facebooks get viruses and sent to their Facebook friends causing a bit of trouble for some people. 

All in all the advantages of Facebook seem to out weigh the disadvantages


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  1. The value of social media is in the conversation. A few of us grew up to be comfortable writing into the void–but far more grew up to become talkers. We learn more and say more when we’re in conversation.

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